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Access control innovation

About Us


Designer and manufacturer of access control products since 1989, FDI MATELEC controls all its projects from conception to production.

Key player in residential and industrial access control applications, thanks to the use of up-to-date technology and highly skilled people, FDI MATELEC offers a range of products adapted to each project, from dedicated solutions to small single-site installations as well as large multi-site networks.

The company is a subsidiary of Urmet France since 2000 (Urmet group Italy). FDI MATELEC is part of the group of professionnals at the initiative of Vigik label and its products are approved. Its entry panels are DDA compliant as well. From its site of 2500 sqm based in Vendée (West part of France), FDI MATELEC has been exporting its products worldwide since 2004.

FDI R&D and Qualification Department

To be at the cutting edge of innovation, FDI MATELEC invests each year in its R&D and technical department. The result is a team of 35 technicians and engineers divided into 3 skills areas :

  • the hardware department developping the electronic boards,
  • the embedded software department that creates the management applications of the electronic boards,
  • the PC department developping softwares that will be the interface between the user and the hardware. 

Each department ensures a technological watch and, on each project, a significant portion is dedicated to research and innovation.  All developments include a comprehensive study to reduce the product’s impact on the environment throughout its life cycle. The products are designed to facilitate and simplify the ergonomic use by clients (installer, user ...).

Finally, to ensure the best performance, a team of 6 technicians, separate from theR&D, is dedicated to the validation of new products or main changes. Each element must successfully  pass the functional test plans to validate its full operation and reliability for commercialization (controller, software ...).

FDI’s production

A team of 35 people works in FDIs production factory of 2500 sqm. The site is equipped with high-technology machines :

  • 1 soldering paste print machine DEK ELA Horizon,
  • 1chip shooter MYDATA MY100DX latest generation of 32 000 components per hour,
  • 1 SOLTEC soldering oven 8 zones for soldering and polymerization of glue,
  • 1 automatic optical inspection machine ISP (automatic optical control of components by comparing image)
  • 1 3D X-ray inspection machine (for the control of BGA)
  • 1 flying probe In-situ testing machine SPEA 4040
  • 2 milling machines for machining and etching of plastics, aluminum and brass,
  • 1 laser marking technology machine YAG (Rofin Basel)
  • Multiple assembly areas with adjustable torque screwdrivers.

The entire installation allows a capacity up to boxes of 0.1 mm sized on 0.05mm BGA 0.4mm pitch, the measuring value of discrete components, video analysis, traceability of components on the boards and automated tests. FDI MATELEC’s manufacturing process is consistent with the ROHS Directive regarding the elimination of lead into tin solder.

This way, FDI MATELEC can produce more than 1.2 million RFID keys and transmitters, 27000 controllers, 46000 HF readers and RFID receivers and more than 11 500 intercom panels per year.

FDI MATELEC - Route de Saint Symphorien - 85130 Les Landes Génusson - FRANCE
Tél : (+33)02 51 61 69 69 - Fax : (+33)02 51 61 69 68
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