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Confidentiality and Privacy Protection Policy - Cookies

Welcome to the website (hereinafter the `Website’), published by FDI Matelec.

This section covers our Confidentiality and Privacy Protection Policy. It contains information about the origin and use of the Browsing Information processed during your visit to our Website and your rights. This Policy is therefore important both for you, to ensure that you have a pleasant and safe experience of our services and for us, so that we can provide you with detailed answers to questions regarding browsing our Website and take into account your requirements.

For the purposes of this Policy, the term `Personal Data’ refers to data that relates to you alone at any given time, regardless of the Device you are using. `Device(s)’ refers to the hardware (desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, telephone, etc.) that you use to view or see a website, application, advertising content, etc.

The terms `Browsing Information’ and `Browsing’ refer to information relating to the connection of a Device to an electronic communication service at a given time. 
The term `Cookie(s)’ refers to a text file that can be stored, subject to your options, in a dedicated space on your Device's hard drive when you consult an online service using your browser. A cookie file allows its sender to identify the Device on which it is stored, during the validity or storage period of the Cookie.


The protection of Personal Data is a matter of trust and we value your trust. Your Personal Data is processed in keeping with the applicable legal provisions. You will find information about how we collect and use your data further in this document.
FDI MATELEC is the controller of your Personal Data, in the person of Philippe Mallard

3-1 What Data is collected?

While operating the Website, FDI MATELEC may collect Personal Data. This data is processed in accordance with the purposes intended at the time of collection. It is stored under conditions aimed to ensure its security and confidentiality. The data we collect may include your Personal Data, which identifies you as a private individual. Namely, we collect your name, first name, address, email address, telephone number, company, subscription to newsletters;

3-2 When is your Data collected?

We collect your data when you fill in the contact form, subscribe to the newsletter and browse the Website.  If you no longer wish to receive the Newsletter, you can unsubscribe by ticking the ‘unsubscribe’ box at the bottom of the Newsletter. 

3-3 For what purposes is your Data used?

The collected data is necessary to manage your request and our business relationships. The data is used by our teams to process your request and to fight against fraud. We also conduct audience ratings using the Browsing and Login Information collected.

3-4 Is your Data shared with third parties?

The data collected by on the Website is intended solely for our own purposes.

3-5 Hosting your Personal Data

Your Personal Data is stored on secure servers located in France.

3-6 Your rights

In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access, rectify and oppose any personal data by contacting You can exercise this right by sending a request by e-mail to

For any information on the protection of Personal Data, you can also browse the CNIL website at the following address

3-7 How long do we store your data?

Your Personal Data is stored in our active database for a maximum period of 3 years from the date of your last activity, i.e. from either: -

your last visit to our Website, provided you have browsed our pages
- your last contact with our sales department
- a business email that was sent to you (if you have agreed to it).
A few weeks before the expiry of this period, we will contact you, asking you to confirm whether or not you wish to keep your account. If not, or if you do not reply, we will delete your Data from our active database. 
Once deleted from our active database, your Data will be archived provisionally in keeping with our legal, accounting and tax obligations, as well as to allow us to handle any complaints, within the applicable limitation periods. In the event that your Data is archived at a later date, it will be automatically and permanently anonymised.


When you visit our Website, Browsing Information of your Device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) on our Website may be stored in `Cookie’ files installed on your Device, subject to the Cookie options you have selected and that you may modify at any time.

4-1 What is the purpose of the Cookies issued on our Website?

Only the issuer of a Cookie is likely to read or modify the information contained therein. (a) The Cookies we issue on our Site:

Depending on your selected options, when you log in to our Website, we may install various Cookies on your Device that allow us to recognise your Device's browser during the validity period of the relevant Cookie. The Cookies we issue are used for the purposes described below, subject to your options, which result from the settings of the browser you use when browsing our Website.
The Cookies we issue on our Website allow us to:
Analysis cookies: these cookies make it possible to establish statistics and traffic and use volumes of the various elements making up our Website (browsed sections and contents, clickpaths) allowing us to optimise our services
Advertising cookies: these cookies allow us to present you with advertising or information in line with your interests, when you browse or other websites. They also make it possible to measure the effectiveness of a campaign or limit the number of postings per visitor.
Essential cookies: these cookies are used to store information relating to a form you have completed on our Website (signing up or logging in to your account) or to products, services or information you have chosen on our Website.
Cookies have a lifespan limited to 13 months after their first deposit in the user's terminal (following the expression of consent). Their lifespan must not be extended during new visits to the website. At the end of this period, the validity of the consent to the storage of Cookies must be re-acquired.
How to manage the use of Cookies via your browser?
You will find below the different ways of managing your Cookies according to your browser. The configuration of each browser is described in the help menu of your browser. Some examples:

For Internet Explorer™:
In the Internet Explorer menu, go to `Internet Options’
In the `Privacy’ tab, click on the `Advanced’ button
Tick the box `Ignore automatic cookie management’
Then select: `Accept’ for internal cookies, and `Reject’ third-party cookies
Save the changes by clicking on `OK’.

For Safari™:
In the Safari menu, select `Preferences’
Go to the `Security’ tab
If you choose `Accept cookies’, select `Allow from websites I visit’.

For Chrome™:
In the Chrome menu, select `Settings’
Click on `Show advanced settings’
Go to the `Privacy’ paragraph
Click on the `Content settings’ tab
In the `Cookies’ paragraph (first paragraph), tick the box `Block cookies and data from the third-party site’
Save the changes by clicking on `OK’.

For Firefox™:
On the Firefox home page, click on the `Settings’ tab
Select the `Privacy’ table
In the `History’ panel, for the `Storage rules’ option, select `Use custom settings for history’
On the `Accept third-party cookies’ drop-down bar, select `Never’
Save the changes by clicking on `OK’.

For other browsers and mobile devices, you are advised to visit the official web page of the browser or device manufacturer or consult the documentation provided.

(b) Cookies issued on our Website by third parties: 
Due to the use of third-party applications embedded on our Website, such as social media applications, some Cookies may be issued by entities other than

The issuance and use of Cookies by third parties is subject to the privacy policies of such third parties. We inform you of the purpose of the Cookies of which we are aware and the means available to you to select options with regard to these Cookies.

Other Cookies are issued by Google Analytics. We use Google Analytics to collect information about how you browse our Website. We use this information for audience ratings and help us improve the Website. Cookies collect information in anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the Website and the pages visited. As these cookies are issued by third parties, you can choose to use their own tools to refuse their cookies.

We may include on our Website computer applications from third parties, which allow you to share content from our Website with other people or to share with them your views or opinions about content on our Website. This specifically applies to the `Share’ and `Like’ buttons from social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The social network providing such an application button is likely to identify you through this button, even if you did not use this button when you visited our Website. Indeed, this type of application button may allow the relevant social network to track your browsing on our Website, simply because your account on the relevant social network was activated on your Device (open session) during your browsing on our Website.

We have no control over the process used by social media to collect information about your browsing on our Website and associated with the personal data they hold. We advise you to refer to the privacy policies of these social media in order to learn about the purposes of use, including advertising, of the Browsing Information they may collect through these application buttons. These protection policies must allow you to exercise your choices with these social networks, in particular by setting up your user accounts for each of these networks.

4-2 Your options regarding Cookies

Any settings you may make to manage Cookies may affect your Internet experience and your access to certain services that require the use of Cookies.

You can choose at any time to express and modify your wishes regarding Cookies, by the means described below.
Options available from your browser: 

You can configure your browser to either save Cookies on your Device or to reject them, either automatically or according to their origin. You can also configure your browser so that you are offered the option of accepting or rejecting cookies from time to time, before a cookie can be saved on your Device. For more information, see the section `How to select options according to your browser’ below.

(a) Accepting Cookies:
Storing a Cookie on a Device is primarily dependent on the decision of the user of the Device, who remains free to express and modify their decision at any time and free of charge via the browser options. If you have agreed to cookies being stored on your Device’s browser, the cookies embedded in the pages and content you have viewed may be temporarily stored in a dedicated area of your Device. They will be readable only by their issuer.

(b) Rejecting Cookies:
If you refuse the storage of cookies on your Device, or delete those stored on your Device, you will no longer have access to a number of features that are nevertheless necessary to browse certain sections of our Website. This applies if you try to access our content or services that require your authentication. This also applies should we or our service providers not recognise, for technical accounting purposes, the type of browser used by your Device, its language and display settings or the country from which your Device appears to be connected to the Internet.
As the case may be, we accept no responsibility for the consequences related to the improper operation of our services owing to our inability to store or consult the Cookies necessary for their functioning and that you have refused or deleted.

(c) How to select options according to your browser
For the management of Cookies and your options, each browser has a different configuration. It is described in the help menu of your browser, which will allow you to find out how to change your cookie preferences.
For Internet Explorer™:
For Safari™:
For Chrome™:
For Firefox™:
For Opera™:

4-3 If you share your Device with other parties

If your Device is used by several people and when the same Device has several browsers, we cannot be sure that the services and advertising intended for your Device are in line with your own use of this Device and not that of another user of this Device.
Sharing your Device with other users and configuring your browser settings for Cookies is your free choice and responsibility.

4-4 Personal Data and Browsing Information

We may adapt the offers and advertising that are intended for you to information relating to the browsing of your Device on our Website or within sites or services published by third parties and on which Cookies are issued. To the extent that you have provided us with Personal Data, including your electronic contact details, when you sign up or log into one of our services, we may, subject to your options, associate Browsing Information about your Device, processed by Cookies, with your Personal Data in order to send you, for example, electronic advertising or to display on your Device, within advertising spaces containing Cookies, personalised ads that are specifically intended for you, which may be of personal interest.
You may at any time ask us to stop receiving advertising suited to the Browsing Information of your Device, by contacting us directly and free of charge, or by using the unsubscribe link included in any advertising that we may send you by e-mail. As applicable, the advertising that you may continue to receive, unless you object to them, will no longer be suitable for browsing on your Device.


In accordance with the law no. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy, 
we inform you that:
The website is published by FDI MATELEC
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